In other news, Yuji Naka has called the recent massive sale price of FC 24 Coins an original boxed copy of Sonic The Hedgehog a scam, just weeks after alleged fraud hit the video game auction scene.

FC 22 preview: All the right moves on the pitch to be the best yet
Tirst impressions are often misleading, and FC 22 should be very grateful for that. A cringeworthy introductory sequence lets you create your “avatar” for this year’s game, and includes the worst performances by Thierry Henry and David Beckham you’ll ever see. Neither are actors, that much is apparent, so thank goodness FC 22 feels incredible on the pitch so far.

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Pretentious nonsense aside, even though it’s too early to be talking about how good FC 22 might be in the long run, a few hours on the pitch is so promising, that it’s enough to have me sweaty-palmed after a 2-2 draw between Liverpool and West Ham. A friendly that I (as Liverpool) immediately dominated, going 2-0 up thanks to a Jota tap-in and a Thiago curler into the bottom corner. Complacency is easy when you’re dominating possession 60-40, so substitutions are made: I’ve broken the team flow of my own volition. Oh hubris…

It finishes 2-2, and West Ham has thrown the kitchen sink at a backline that’s exhausted, but I’m too scared to change. Truth be told, it’s a single friendly match I picked two random Premier League teams for, just see how the game plays. Yet I’m exhausted, crumpled on the sofa in a sweaty mess, mulling over what’s just happened. Every match can’t be like this, can it?

Well no, obviously not. These are two teams that are well known and play a certain way, but it’s replicated better here than I’ve ever seen in cheap EAFC 24 Coins a football game before.