We took a closer look at the 84+ x5 Pack SBC in FIFA 23. After all, you get 5 players with a rating of at least 84 FIFA 23 Coins. We'll show you which cards you want to draw and what you have to give up for the SBC.

The Future Stars promo is slowly coming to an end. So there is not much time left to get a crazy youngster. The 84+ x5 Upgrade SBC might be the best way to do that. In the SBC, 5 players with a rating of at least 84 are displayed. You can find out everything you need to know about the SBC here!

The 84+ x5 SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the perfect opportunity to pull insane players. I mean, one or the other youngstar from the Future Stars Team 2 looks really good. Of course, the whole thing can backfire, as usually, I guess.

Is the SBC worth it? To clear that up, we need to look at what the requirements of the SBC are and who we can get in the best and worst case scenarios.

To complete the SBC, you only need to turn in one team. An 84 team with an inform and at least two players with an OVR of 85 or higher. It makes sense to combine 85 OVR and the inform card.85 rated cards are currently worth 15,000 coins. So if you complete the SBC with no players from your club, you will need to spend 55,000 coins. A possible solution would look like this:

The best players you want to pull are expensive and good Future Stars cards. Players like Jamal Musiala, Enzo Fernández or Ronald Araujo buy FUT 23 Coins. Hardly anyone is worth anything among the gold players, Mbappé or High Rated SBC fodder would be best.