Another elite Big Two with a solid third piece, the Los Angeles Lakers still boast incredible top-end players NBA 2K MT... their issue is with the rest of their team. There is a chance that things could get more dire, since LeBron James remains a phenom and is one of the most talented players on the planet.

Anthony Davis, when healthy is an excellent double-sided big man as is Russell Westbrook... rebound extremely well for an offensive guard. In all seriousness, Westbrook and Patrick Beverley are both rated 78s so you should pick the one you like to be the third of the Lakers' Big Three.

The Miami Heat caught flak this offseason due to their lack of major changes, as well as for losing PJ Tucker to a leading opponent in the East however, the team has a solid Big Three consisting of Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro.

Butler is one of the best do-everything wings in the game, Adebayo is ultra-talented and flexible as a center, and Herro is a straight-up bucket-getter that could turn into the full-time starting player in 2022 and 23.

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